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Certified Massage Practitioner, CMP #29311

About the Practitioner

 My interest in massage began a few years ago after suffering an injury to my right shoulder. It was a significant injury, but it did not appear to be chronic.I tried to rehabilitate it myself. Ice, rest, and light stretching helped, but it needed more. So, I sought professional advice. The general opinion was that my shoulder needed more than what I was doing. I did not like hearing that, but I was ready to try anything. It was not getting any better.

Then I met a chiropractor who was well versed in musculoskeletal injuries. He rightly diagnosed a bicep tendon out of place. After getting that back in place (it still moves out now and then), I noticed a vast improvement in my range of motion and pain. But because it was out for years, there were some residual issues. So I sought more advice.

After some research, I learned that pain and limited movement can be caused by more things than misalignment problems or injury. Things like trigger points or fascial adhesions could also be present, or be causes themselves. There was more to this than I realized. I was convinced enough to change my summer plans and go to school. 

I received my practitioner training in 2011 at the California Holistic Institute located in San Luis Obispo. CHI is a wonderful school with many talented instructors. In addition to the Practitioner course, they offer classes in other modalities, as well as Therapist level training. I am continuing my training at the school. I am certified as a Massage Practioner with the State of California. You can find that information here.

I offer relaxing Swedish massage and trigger point therapy. I also have a continuing interest in Jin Shin Do acupressure and hope to soon offer stone massage. 
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